Whisky AGE Ltd.’s inaugural release in 2018.


The Whisky Blues​

|Our Cask Selection Philosophy

The most important ethos of Whisky AGE Ltd. is to only bottle spirits that move us.
This statement may seem obvious, but it is full of challenges when put into action. No matter how challenging, we will continue on our path.


|Our Brand Character Is “Do As We Please”

When we come across a good cask, even if we realise it is not mainstream, we will always choose to prioritise bottling good spirit rather than bottling something commercial. We only consider whether the liquor moves us. This do as we please attitude is the true DNA behind The Whisky Blues.


|Select from a wide range of casks in our inventory

This is the process of how Whisky AGE Ltd. selects its casks: first we expand our cask inventory, not only do we want casks to be of good quality, we also want a wide range of variety. This way we are able to take our time to examine how each cask performs by extracting samples regularly. When a cask is still too young or has not met our standard, we will wait for it to mature, even if it takes 10 or 20 years. Whisky AGE Ltd. aims to be around for generations, we are not in a rush!


|Select good spirits, not just the name of the distillery, place of origin or style

One cask, one world. The name of the distillery does not represent the flavour of each single cask. When we select which cask to bottle, we focus on the taste and flavour, this is the most important. At the same time, whether it is Scotch single malt, single grain, Irish whiskey, rum or any other type of alcohol, as long as it is worthy of a recommendation, we will bottle it!


|Label Design

The labels are designed in collaboration with several Taiwanese artists, usually in a series of three to six bottles. Each series has their unique style, allowing Taiwanese artwork a stage to shine in the international market along with our bottling. So far, we have released items with the following artists: Lin Li-Chi, Mason Yin, Noir Noir Shih, Yu-Tung Yeh, Hom’s “A Day By The Sea”, Yeh Xun, Nuomi’s “Boss Cat’s Bookstore” and counting.


|Joint bottling

We have a number of joint releases with bars and liquor stores. It is our honour to be able to co-release bottlings with these well respected premises. There are a number of high quality whisky bars in Taiwan, through our joint releases, they can be promoted further.


|Global Distribution Channel

We currently have 9 distributors around the world thanks to the recognition of our international business partners. Our bottlings have also repeatedly received high scores from renowned spirit critics.


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