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Unlike most tasting events where a brand ambassador takes you through a fix number of bottles in a certain order, we take everything we have and bring them to you! We hope you enjoy your time with us!

In 2021, except when covid restrictions prevented us from doing so, we organised small exhibitions with bars and whisky tasting clubs around Taiwan and received excellent feedback.Many attendants that have visited us at the exhibitions enjoyed themselves. Here are some of the positive feedback we received. “There were plenty of choices and we can taste as much as we want, it’s such a rare experience!” “Prices were reasonable, what a blast! We need more of these events! ”There were some regular attendants at the events as they wanted to ensure they have tried everything as well as enjoying their favourite drams a few more times.

This is what motivates us to organise more events.

We hope to bring more variety to our events so our supporters can have a difficult time deciding what is their favourite, sweet and bitter at the same time!

Highlights and Reviews

Line up in a row: Our Brands and Distributed Brands

Whether it is our own brand, The Whisky Blues and Whisky AGE,
or the brands we exclusively import such as Maltbarn, Le Gus’t, The Whisky Jury, My Name Is Whisky, Spheric Spirits and The Colour of Rum,
each brand would have a dedicated stand on its own at the exhibitions we organise. This would allow all visitors to understand our brands in detail and what makes them stand out!


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