After Whisky Party @ Whisky Picnic Bar

Lately, we have collected a number of new items. We will also be distributing a new brand. More than half of the items displayed were new and are meeting Taiwanese customers for the first time. Maltbarn, Le Gus’t, The Whisky Jury, My Name Is Whisky, each is special in their own way. There is plenty to be tried, isn’t it hard to decide?


Two people from Taipei joined our exhibitions, they first tried two rums from The Whisky Jury and thought they were very aromatic. Where was the horrible smell that others were talking about? Then they went onto trying the two “Hamxxxn” rums that could not be mentioned and thought they were fantastic too. It was the right thing for them to join the event!


“Welcome to the “rum (wrong)” world!”, I have also raised my glass!


As for the new releases of our own brand, The Whisky Blues’ Highland Park 2011 and exclusive to liquor stores only Whisky AGE Secret Speyside 1997, they have both received positive feedback. Secret Speyside should still be available, if you are interested in this item, please contact our distributors.


There will be more “Whisky Parties” to come, please stay tuned for future updates.


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