Maltbarn Port Charlotte 20yo 2001 Bourbon

Distillery:Bruichladdich(Port Charlotte)
Bottling Brand:Maltbarn​
Stated Age:20​
Cask Type:Bourbon Cask
Volume:700 ml​
Number of Bottles:135


Maltbarn, Port Charlotte, 20yo, 2001, 54.9%, Bourbon, 135 bottles​
⇨ WhiskyNotes: 90
⇨ Fresh and peaty. Warm leather, old books, smoked salmon. Charcoal and sweet tobacco, stewed fruits

・ ・ ・

這次 2022 的 Maltbarn 春季發行,選桶人 Martin 在寄給會員的信裡一開頭就說:「我覺得自己又找到一些好桶子了」,顯然是批自信之作。​

The labels show Martin and his parents (and a couple of other people).

This season, Maltbarn release 7 whisky and 1 cognac. Old single grain whisky: Invergordon 49yo, Old single malt whisky: 29yo Glenlossie, 1st year Port Charlotte, and so on......

・ ・ ・

Sold Out.

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