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威士忌藍調・The Whisky Blues‧裝瓶系列 No.001

威士忌藍調・The Whisky Blues, 裝瓶系列 No.001


去年(2017)底收到一批樣品,試了幾款之後都覺得一般,這款不被期待的樣品就被冷落一旁,一直沒去動它。一直到今年(2018),開始整理(喝掉)佔滿整個桌面的樣品,一試之下深受感動,才冒出想以自己品牌裝瓶的衝動。接下來是一連串的忙碌:找朋友幫忙設計品牌 LOGO,找朋友幫忙設計酒標,找朋友幫忙繪畫。經歷諸多波折,終於這款酒已經在英國保稅倉庫裡等待運送。

威士忌藍調・The Whisky Blues, 裝瓶系列 No.001

威士忌藍調(The Whisky Blues)
裝瓶系列 No.001
Invergordon 蒸餾廠
1974/3 蒸餾,2018/8 裝瓶
陳年 44 年,酒精濃度 46.5%
重裝填雪莉桶,桶號 #29

亞洲是個喜歡的威士忌酒廠十分集中的地區,而穀物威士忌向來不在極受青睞的行列之中。雖然個人非常喜愛高年份穀物威士忌,但第一款選桶就是穀物威士忌倒也在意料之外。幸而,在這款酒裝瓶之後,因緣際會的馬上拿到一瓶並且趕上前一兩個月的歐洲之旅,帶著它拜訪了許多歐洲的威士忌朋友,回台灣之後也馬上讓幾位亞洲有興趣的朋友試試,大家都還認同這款酒的品質。預計再過 1 ~ 2 個月,就會陸續在幾個國家上架販售。目前在荷蘭、台灣、香港、新加坡、中國等,都有經銷的酒專,屆時會再一一公告介紹。



雖然這款選桶裝瓶是意外開始,但它碰巧是自己和幫忙設計 LOGO 朋友的生日年,是個小小的巧合與驚喜,也算是給自己的一份禮物。


<The Whisky Blues, bottling No.001>

Being a whisky lover for years, "bottle the whisky under own brand name" was always an interesting idea only and never been a realistic plan, until this one.

We received some samples last year (2017) and tasted most of them. This sample was put aside before being tasted due to its not-so-interesting companies we tasted. This year (2018), we started to clean up the table occupied by varied samples by drinking all of them, then we’re amazed by this sample. We almost missed it, but luckily we met each other finally. It’s the first time we have the desire to bottle one whisky cask under our own brand name.

Followed by lots of help from friends designing the brand LOGO, drawing the paint, and designing the label, this whisky is now staying in the under bond warehouse in UK and waiting for shipment, finally. One or two months later, this whisky will be available in the Netherlands, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. We will announce the detail information of our partners later before the bottles being arrived at the stores.

About this whisky:
The Whisky Blues
Bottling No.001
Single Grain Scotch Whisky
03/1974 – 08/2018
44yo, 46.5% vol.
Refill Butt, Cask No.29

Tasting Notes:

It’s not an expected way to start our bottling brand in this way and with this whisky, but it happened that the distilled year of this whisky is the birth year of the friends, who designed the LOGO and label, and me. It’s a small coincidence and surprise, like a gift for myself this year.